Track Information with Naskarts (excluding Euro Karts):

Driving Requirements:

Euro Karts:
Drivers MUST be 18 years and older.
NOTE: Euro Karts will NOT work with Wristbands. You must purchase Tickets.

52" inches or taller for ½ speed. 60" Tall for FULL Speed
Double-Seater Driver must be 16 years or older
Double-Seater Passenger must
be 32" inches or taller.

Formula & Mini Indy Karts:
Double-Seater Driver: 16 or older
Double-Seater Passenger: 32" and taller.
Single-Seater Driver for Mini: 45"+ & Formulas: 48"+

NOTE: Formula and Mini Indy Karts
on Super Track are for
*Height measured by Inches

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