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9 Ride Tickets

9 Ride Tickets

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All 6 Tracks accept the same ticket. One ticket will purchase a 3.5-minute ride on any track. *The 42 MPH Euro Karts and 40 MPH Champ Karts require 2 TICKETS per race but don't worry because these races are TWO TIMES AS LONG. The reason is because it takes a little longer to put on helmets and the special seat belts for these karts so we make the race TWO TIMES AS LONG for 2 TICKETS!

Buyer Must Show Valid ID For Pick-Up

Local Pick-up only. The buyer must be 18 and older. Please show your print out receipt and a valid government ID or driver's license to the cashier for order pickup. Order can be assigned to be picked up by another person that's 18 years and older with a copy or physical government-issued ID of the purchaser. The person under 18 picking up the order must be accompanied by someone over 18 years old with a copy or physical government-issued ID of the purchaser. A government-issued ID (ie Driver's License) must match the billing address on the order.