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Special 1.5 Hour Wristband Offer

Special 1.5 Hour Wristband Offer

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(Normal pricing for a 1 Hour Wristband is $45. This special adds an extra HALF hour for FREE)

Hour Wristband has FIVE guaranteed rides.

Orders do not need to be picked up the same day they are purchased. Your purchase will stay on file for up to a year.

Wristbands allow you to ride the tracks as many times as you can in a specific period of time. The wristband time is the actual time, not track time so it includes whatever time you are required to stand in line. Therefore, the number of rides you will get in a specific period of time depends upon the number of people waiting in line at the time. Each wristband has a guaranteed minimum number of rides so that even if your time expires if you have not used the guaranteed number of rides, your wristband will continue to be active until you do (within that day). Wristbands are non-transferable and may not be shared. 

Buyer Must Show Valid ID For Online Purchase Pick-Up

Local Pick-up only. The buyer must be 18 and older. Please show your order on your mobile phone or a print-out and a valid government ID or driver's license to the cashier for order pickup. Order can be assigned to be picked up by another person that's 18 years and older with a copy or physical government-issued ID of the purchaser. The person under 18 picking up the order must be accompanied by someone over 18 years old with a copy or physical government-issued ID of the purchaser. A government-issued ID (ie Driver's License) must match the billing address on the order. 

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