Ride Tickets

  • $10.00 Buys 1 Ride Ticket
  • $45 Buys 5 Ride Tickets (Making Each Ticket $9.00)
  • $60 Buys 7 Ride Tickets (Making Each Ticket $8.50)
  • $75 Buys 9 Ride Tickets (Making Each Ticket $8.33)
  • $120.00 Buys 15 Ride Tickets (Making Each Ticket $8.00)
  • $225.00 Buys 30 Ride Tickets (Making Each Ticket $7.50)


  • $45.00 Buys a 1 Hour Wristband (5 Guaranteed Rides)
  • $55.00 Buys a 1.5 Hour Wristband (6 Guaranteed Rides)
  • $65.00 Buys a 2 Hour Wristband (7 Guaranteed Rides)


Wristbands allow you to ride the tracks as many times as you can in a specific period of time. The wristband time is actual time, not track time so it includes whatever time you are required to stand in line. Therefore, the number of rides you will get in a specific period of time depends upon the number of people waiting in line at the time. Each wristband has a guaranteed minimum number of rides so that even if your time expires, if you have not used the guaranteed number of rides, your wristband will continue to be active until you do (within that day). Wristbands are non-transferable and may not be shared.

Note: If you have a "Free" Upgrade Wristband Coupon, the guaranteed rides only apply to the wristband that is bought.

*Note: Wristbands stop working at closing time.


*Unused tickets remain active for 90 days. 
*Your purchase receipt MUST accompany all returning tickets.

All 6 Tracks accept the same ticket. Wristbands DO NOT work with EuroKarts and Champ Karts. Only tickets work to race these two karts. One ticket will purchase a 3.5-minute ride on any track.

The 42 MPH Euro Karts and 40 MPH Champ Karts are only for adults and require 2 TICKETS per race but don't worry because these races are TWO TIMES AS LONG. The reason is because it takes a little longer to put on helmets and the special seat belts for these karts so we make the race TWO TIMES AS LONG for 2 TICKETS!