Go Kart World Is Open Fri-Sat 10AM-12AM and Sun-Thurs 10AM-10PM

COVID-19 Safety Information



Go Kart World takes safety very seriously. In fact, during a recent inspection by the L.A. County Dept of Health, we were complimented on the numerous safety procedures we’ve implemented.

The following is from the CDC’s website on the topic of “Deciding to Go Out”

Activities are safer if:

You can maintain at least 6 feet of space between you and others. COVID-19 spreads easier between people who are within 6 feet of each other.
They are held in outdoor spaces. Indoor spaces with less ventilation where it might be harder to keep people apart are more risky.
People are wearing masks. Interacting without wearing masks also increases your risk.


Not only is Go Kart World in compliance with these three CDC recommendations, we’ve gone above and beyond. A complete list of our safety protocols are below.

1. Go kart steering wheels, and seats are sanitized hourly.
2. Bathrooms and flat surfaces are cleaned and sanitized hourly.
3. Helmets are sanitized after each use.
4. A new headsock is issued to each new racer of Euros and Champs.
5. Our restaurant is currently closed but for private parties we allow pre-booked customers to bring in their own food. 
6. Clear separators are installed between cashiers and customers buying tickets.