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Teen or Adult Parties


Exclusive Rentals – Rent out a track just for your group. For younger children, we can move their karts to an adult track and let the kids race like grown-ups! Available during off-peak hours only. Minimum track rental is 30-minutes. Ask your salesperson about pricing and availability.


$29.95 Per Person (8 person Minimum)

This party is best for teenage birthdays and non-birthday outings that do not need a coach to organize party room activities. The Party Host only serves the food.

  • Family Style Picnic Table for 1 Hour
  • Two Slices of Pizza per Child
  • Drinks
  • Party Supplies (Plates, cups, etc.)
  • Party Host (Only Serving Food)
  • 15 Game Tokens per Child
  • 60-Minute Wristband for each Child (6 Guaranteed Rides) *A $25 Retail Price.
  • Optional: Ballons
  • Optional: Autograph T-shirt Signing (Click Button Below for Video)
  • Optional: Salads & Fruits
  • Optional: Platters and More